When I was about to take an unusually long leave from work, I made a little to-do list and one of the activities on that list was creating a personal website. So, after a brief period of “here goes nothing,” ta-da!

That’s a horrible way to welcome visitors, I know. But this is my website. Haha. And this is a draft — a placeholder till something better comes along. *plastic, political smile*

Here you’ll find some of my important works of journalism, photography, design, digital illustration, publications, and whatever else I’m up to. When I become famous enough, I will also post links to press features, interviews, and whatever other stuff famous people do. The idea is to make it a one-stop corner for anything Kunle Adebajo — well, in a professional sense of course.

Oh, and I built this website by myself. Have fun exploring! 🙂

A glance at my skill set



Crafting words, telling stories



Finding facts, analysing patterns



Capturing moments



Breaking down complex ideas



Illustrating, making art



Beating copies into shape

Care for some reviews?

Chukwunaeme Kingsley Obiejesi Journalist, BBC

It was great fun working with him at @TheICIR. Kunle is very intelligent, has quite some sense of humour, very generous, a great team player, & always willing to help.


There's so much we can do. Let's work together.

Do you need words that bring your ideas to life in ways that beat your imagination? Want your stories told and presented brilliantly, so they are not only pleasing to the mind but also to the eyes? Got copies you need to edit? Need someone to facilitate a workshop on storytelling, investigative journalism, etc? Well then, why haven't we started chatting already?